What We Do

Statutory Consultancy



We deliver consistent statutory compliance services in Chennai. Our services ensure that your organization is 100% statutory compliant by meeting all your organization's compliance requirements with highest standards. Our experienced team will take care of all statutory compliances related to your business/organization.

  • We receive the data from company, process the same in our fully computerised Payroll Package and generating Payroll Register in excel/PDF/text format along with Salary Withheld Report
  • Preparation of Department-wise, location-wise and cost center-wise salary sheets
  • Preparation of Arrear Sheets
  • Providing monthly salary slips to the individual employees through e-mail
  • Statement for Bank Transfer
  • Providing monthly PF,ESI,TDS,Professional Tax & Labour Welfare Fund reports for depositing monthly dues.
  • Calculation of Overtime, Bonus etc.
  • Preparation of Full & Final settlement for ceased employees
  • Maintaining Attendance Record, Leave Record, Salary,Wages Registers etc.
  • Preparation of ESI Contributions, uploading it online and generate challan every month
  • Preparation & Submission of Return.
  • To interact with ESI branch office authorities for any queries.
  • Submission of Accident Reports, in the event of any Health & Safety Incident at workplace.
  • To help the members in case of changes in the family, loss of identity cards etc.
  • To advise the employees incase of sickness, disablement, maternity, etc.
  • Guiding the management in labour-related payments / Accounts / Lawful matters and assisting at the time of ESI inspections.
  • Preparation of EPF contributions, uploading it online and generate Challans every month.
  • Assisting the Members to claim/Transfer their Provident Fund Accumulations.
  • Guiding the Management in labour-related payments / Accounts / Lawful matters and assisting at the time of EPF inspections.
  • Maintenance of Registers and Records as per the Act
  • Preparation & Submission of Annual Returns
  • Guiding the Management in maintenance of certain records as per the requirement of the Act and assisting at the time of inspections.
  • License and Plan approval.
  • Maintenance of various records.
  • Submission of Returns, license renewal etc.,
  • Testing & safety and Medical Examination
  • Maintenance of records as per the Act
  • Preparation & Submission of Annual Returns & Contribution
  • Assisting the Management at the time of inspections.
  • Calculating the amount for professional tax and remitting the same in a half yearly mode
  • Informing the employers about the changes in the minimum wages as declared by the Govt. from time to time and advising the management about the implementation of various statutory obligations under this Act
  • We prepare the particulars required for the calculation of Gratuity every year and advice the management in accumulating the amount either in the bank or through LIC in Group Gratuity Scheme. Preparing the settlement application and forwarding the same to the LIC for obtaining the amount.